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The Botanicals

What is a botanical?

When we speak of botanicals, we refer to extracts obtained from different parts of a plant — this includes roots, leaves, berries, bark, stems, and flowers. Sometimes the whole plant is used and, in other instances, it may be a specific plant part that has healing and restoring powers.

Documentation for specific botanical blends dates back over 3,000 years. Many of these early formulas were passed from generation to generation. Those that have survived the test of time are still being used by millions of people and medical practitioners throughout the world. Each represents the collective wisdom compiled over centuries — and each is a testimony to the diverse cultures and climates that make up our world.

The Human Body + Botanicals = Better Together!

 It’s amazing what happens when you combine 23 natural botanicals in one formula!It took many years of testing a number of formulas to perfect the combination of botanicals found in Intra. These 23 naturally-sourced botanical extracts were specifically formulated to work together with each of the body’s eight biological systems.The result? Intra goes exactly where it’s needed — giving your body the right amount of phytonutrients to keep you strong and healthy. 

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