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Intra capsules 64 capsules (1 bottle)

There is no difference in the formula between the liquid and the capsules. Two intra capsules provide the same level of standardized botanicals as 28ml (1oz) of intra liquid.

Intra capsules is a precise formulation of 23 time-tested and trusted botanical extracts manufactured by Lifestyles International Canada.  As a natural food supplement, Intra helps balance and strengthen the body’s systems with the essential nutrients that are lacking in most modern diets.
Intra capsules contain herbs that help to protect the body from our toxic environment.  It provides a high level of antioxidants that help maintain youthful vitality.

Daily use of intra capsules helps nourish body cells and provide essential plant-based nutrients.

Standardized herbal extracts and strict manufacturing processes ensure consistent quality and potency of the intra blend.

Since 1992, intra liquid and capsules has been distributed around the world with millions of satisfied users.  It has passed the test of time for safe use and effectiveness. Intra is Certified „safe for Athletic use“ by German Sport University Institute for Biochemistry. Accredited Institution for Certification. German Sport University Koln Institute for
Biochemistry. IOC Accredited Laboratory. Prof. Dr. Wilhelm Schanzer, C/O Deutsche Sprothochschule.
Dr. M.K.Parr, Food Scientist. 

Intra Contains 
• No Steroids
• No Stimulants


Calories  …………….  16,74 kJ
Protein/Gluten ……….. 0.0g
Saccharide  ………………. 0,5 g
Fat   ……………………………….  0.0g

Intra is certified Safe for Athletic Use by the International Olympic Committee because it does not contain steroids or stimulants. Intra’s formula has been enjoyed by millions of satisfied customers worldwide and is suitable for all ages.

An ounce of Intra a day can make a world of difference!
Drink Intra. Share Intra. Every Day.

Drink Intra. Pass It On!

Intra Liquid & Capsule

Intra is a unique blend of 23 botanicals which helps to balance and strengthen the body's' eight biological systems, as well as guard against the adverse health effects of pollutants.

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Nutria Plus

Nutria is a powerful Antioxidant Supplement with Key Vitamins, Minerals, & Phytonutrients from 20 fruits and vegetables.

·   These fruits and vegetable-based anti-oxidants including Seleno Excel Selenium found in Nutria protect cells and have been shown to fight diseases, including Cancer.

·   Nutria also helps slow down the aging process.

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Fibrelife is a unique soluble plant fibre with the highest viscosity of any fibre tested.

It absorbs water quickly and continuously.

A - Appetite Control

B - Blood Sugar Control

C - Cholesterol Control

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Health Benefits Of Drinking Intra Juice