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Frequently Asked Questions

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    Does Intra® contain vitamins and minerals?
    Intra contains only trace amounts of vitamins and minerals. If you have been taking a vitamin or nutritional supplement, you should continue to do so while taking Intra.
    Aside from Intra® Liquid, we also have NutriaPlus and FibreLife Dietary Supplements.
  2. 2
    Is Intra® safe for anyone to use?

    Intra is a dietary supplement, not a drug. However, anyone who has a medical condition or who is at all concerned should consult their doctor before using the product.
     Intra has been formulated specifically for daily use by people of all ages. The formula incorporates a moderate level of each herbal extract ensuring that intra is very safe for daily consumption.
    The herbal extracts used in intra are classified as Food Supplements, which are completely non-toxic. In addition, the botanicals used in intra are all on the GRAS (Generally Recognised as Safe) list.
    This is an international system that recognises foods and ingredients that are safe for human consumption.
  3. 3
    Will taking Intra® increase my blood pressure?
    Intra® will not cause a rise in blood pressure. The licorice root extract in intra is deglycyrrhizineted. This means all the glycyrrhizin has been removed and the only beneficial flavonoids remain.
    Glycyrrhizin has the potential to raise blood pressure if high concentrations are consumed for long periods of time. For this reason, we have removed this component of the licorise root used in intra.
    Intra contains a very moderate, balanced botanical formulation with no single botanical present in high concentrations. This is the key to the safety of the formula.
  4. 4
    Can Lifestyles products be used by diabetics?
    Diabetics, in consultation with their doctor, eat a diet based on the Food Exchange List. This means being able to make choices from several different categories in a strictly controlled manner.
    Lifestyles products may be consumed by diabetics as long as they are incorporated into each individuals daily Food Exchange List. This means that some of the foods presently being consumed would have to be discontinued to allow for the consumption of Lifestyles products.
    All diabetics who would like to use the products should consult their doctor for assistance in adjusting their food intake. We suggest you take along the following information to your Doctor or health practitioner:
    Nutrition information per 1oz serving:
    Calories..................12 cal
    The total sugars are 3 grams per 1oz serving and is comprised of 60%
    glucose and 40% fructrose. The botanical extracts contained in the
    intra formula will not cause a rise in sugar levels in the body.
  5. 5
    How much sugar does Intra® contain?
    Intra contains 3 grams of sugar per one ounce serving. This is the exact same amount of sugar that one ounce of orange juice contains.
    Anyone with diabetes should take note on this. Intra capsules contain no added sugar. The sugar content that occurs naturally from juice crystals is less than 1/2 of a gram per two capsules.
  6. 6
    How many calories are there in an ounce of Intra?
    Intra contains 12 calories per ounce. All coming from carbohydrates.
    Intra contains no fat or protein. 
    What would explain a new customer experiencing an uncommon reaction such as headache, nausea or diarrhoea after using the products?
    All Lifestyles products are either food supplements or meal replacements. As with any food product, a small percentage of people may have a food allergy or food intolerance to a certain ingredient used in that product. Common intolerance's include lactose
    intolerance (dairy products) and gluten intolerance (wheat, oats rye).
    If a person has an intolerance or an allergy to an ingredient, they should not consume that product. Also, many people are not used to eating properly and their bodies may need time to adjust to improved nutrition. These people may quite safely continue to use our products, however, they may find it necessary to reduce their consumption of the products until their bodies have adjusted.
  7. 7
    Is Intra® free of Gluten/Wheat and safe for Coeliacs?
    Yes. It is safe for Coeliacs. The Chinese Pearl Barley extract in Intra does not contain gluten (which is the protein component of barley).
    There have been many Coeliacs who take intra and report no adverse reactions. If you are sensitive to other ingredients we suggest you start slowly with your intra, 1/4 to 8/10ml per day and work up from there.
  8. 8
    Is it OK to take Intra® everyday for a long period of time?
    Yes, Intra® was developed for this exact purpose using purified herbal extracts in relatively low dosage, balanced formulation. Many herbal experts recommend that high dosages of single herbs taken for only short periods of time. However, this does not apply with Intra. Each individual will require balancing in a different way and so the effects
    can be expected to be different from person to person.
  9. 9
    Can Pregnant or Nursing mothers take intra?
    Yes. But not more than one ounce per day and listen to your body as to any signs of progress.
  10. 10
    Why does Intra® taste slightly different from bottle to bottle?
    Intra is a natural product and contains botanicals whose sources include roots, leaves, barks and berries. As these botanicals are grown in their natural environment, they are exposed to nature's ever changing elements and conditions. When these ingredients are combined with other extracts to form a botanical blend, slight variations in taste may occur. The difference in taste does not affect the overall quality of the product.
  11. 11
    Does the hot-fill bottling system affect the herbs in Intra?
    No. Most of the botanicals used in Intra are extracted using heat.
    As a result these extracts are not affected by the temperatures used in the hot-fill system, a system which was designed in consultation with industry experts.
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    Are the 23 herbs in Intra® grown organically?
    All botanicals used in Intra are grown without the use of pesticides, herbicides or chemical fertilisers. However, these botanicals are grown in many different countries around the world, all with different regulations pertaining to organic foods. As a result, we are technically unable to claim that Intra is an organic product.
  13. 13
    Is it OK to give Intra® to animals?
    Yes. Animal's bodies respond positively in the same way as humans to collect food and nutrients.
  14. 14
    Is Intra OK for Sports people to take?
    Intra contains no banned substances. Ephedra is a common herb used to produce energy. It is a banned substance but is still used by some manufacturers. Ephedra would cause failure of a drug test, Intra does not create a positive result in such tests. Sports people should be
    encouraged to take intra for the added nutrient value and that's why it is officially taken by many top Olympic athletes.
  15. 15
    What time of the day should I take intra?
    First thing in the morning is best but Intra can be take at anytime when it is convenient.
  16. 16
    How do the intra capsules differ from intra liquid?
    There is no difference in the formula between the liquid and the capsules. Two Intra capsules provide the same level of standardised botanicals as 1 ounce of Intra liquid.
  17. 17
    How often should I Drink Intra?
    We feel more than 6 ounces is unnecessary. Consumption should be based on body weight. Average adult 1 to 2 oz per day.
    Above average adult 2 oz per day minimum. Child over 2 years and under 14 years, 1/5 of an ounce to 1 ounce depending on size and body weight.
    Liquid: Take 1fl. oz. (28mL) once daily.
    Shake well before using and refrigerate after opening.
    Capsule: Take 2 to 4 capsules daily with water.

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    When is the best time to take NutriaPlus?

    NutriaPLUS capsules should be taken during the meal with at least 5 ounces of water (or juice).

    If people use intra and nutriaPLUS consistently for 7 consecutive months ( INTRA Better Together Program), 1/3 will notice some sort of result within 7 to 14 days, 1/3 within 1 to 5 weeks & the last third within 6 weeks to 9 months. Lifestyles intra carries a 30-day money-back guarantee. We have never seen this product fail to produce some form of results for those who have tried it for 3-4 consecutive months. Make sure you consume in total at least 3L of water (or juice) per day.

Health Benefits Of Drinking Intra Juice

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