"My dad was scheduled for an eye surgery to remove the cataract on his left eye. I asked him to delay operation and tried drinking Intra. After 2 months, his eye doctor was surprised because the cataract disappeared."

Rico Hernandez

"I was diagnosed with severe osteo arthritis that forced me to stop running. Thanks to Intra, I am running again!"

Clint Foder

"I have suffered with very bad acne for years and thanks to Intra they are now gone."

Mrs. Santos Levirin

"I am suffering from migraine for several years now. I have tried many medicines but none had cured my extreme headache. My friend advised me to try INTRA and was surprised because in less than 2 weeks, my migraine attacks disappeared. Now I have been taking Intra for 6 months now"

Mr. Benny Sy