My chronic fatigue was addressed taking Intra and Nutria. I started out buying and using the products at retail price for more than a year. My 91-year old grandmother was happy that her arthritis was gone after taking Intra, my nephews and nieces asthma was also addressed by Intra. I wanted to take advantage of the 40% product discount, so I signed up for the Express Direct pack in September 2010. I had to borrow money from three credit cards from friends to buy products. In three weeks, with the support from my up line, my products were sold out and I was able to pay off the credit cards I had borrowed on.

I was a former loans manager of a commercial bank for nine years before I started flower shop and styling business, which had been operating for 11 years. I never expected that I would be interested in the Lifestyles Opportunity until I attended a three day financial literacy seminar in Singapore and listened, T. Harv Eker who said, “If what you’re currently doing do not lead you to the creation of passive income, you will work for the rest of your life.” It was then that I realized my traditional business was not going to give me, passive income. I f I don’t work, I won’t earn. I was not a believer of the MLM business. However, in February 2011, I joined Lifestyles part time. Five months later, I made more than half a million pesos in income. I was so inspired; I made the business full time in August 2011. With the support and mentorship from my up line I was promoted to National Marketing Director in November 2011. That month, I made P217,000 passive income. Not to mention the retailing which is around P30,000 to P 40,000 a month. This was the best abnormal decision I made!

With Lifestyles, I am making a fortune. Nine months in the business, I earned more than a million pesos, and paid off my business debts, bought a brand new Innova G and plan to start my first real estate venture, a backpacker’s lodging business. There’s a huge difference between traditional business and Lifestyle’s business. With traditional business you have big overhead expenses like wages, rental, electricity and other bills, including manpower, machine breakdown, pressure, stress , and no time freedom. With Lifestyles its passive income and I own my time. I have time and money to travel and the freedom to spend time with my family. With passive income from Lifestyles, I am nearer to achieving my dreams.

Sheila Ruiz

It was 2003 when I first learned about Lifestyles. I was a government employee back then and I just tried the product out of curiosity. I had no health issues because I believe I was healthy – or so I thought. After a week of taking Intra, I had this intense pain in my throat and I could hardly talk. I consulted my doctor and to my surprise, the doctor told me that I had acute laryngitis and an operation must be conducted ASAP. My Goodness! Was he kidding me? I did not take anything except Intra and then all of a sudden I needed an operation? I felt cheated and indeed very mad! I blamed Intra for what happened. I immediately talk to the person who gave me the product and surprisingly, she just laughed at me and said “congratulations you are benefiting from the product and don’t worry those were just part of your body’s adjustment.” Although I was not certain about what she said I continued taking the product and emptied one bottle as advised and to think that it was P1,500 a bottle that time made more sick.

After I consumed one bottle, I again visited my doctor who was surprised. He couldn’t believe the result because it showed clearly that I didn’t need an operation anymore. Since then, I shared the goodness of Intra with all my friends and became a distributor. Income started to come in which was beyond my expectations. Then a US based company offered me employment with a very promising compensation package and benefits that covered my whole family I took advantage of the offer. The job was very involved and I didn’t notice that the time passed by quickly. I even forgot about Lifestyles and Intra. We were not even drinking Intra anymore, it was almost seven years, and then I encountered the greatest challenge in my family life.

In October 2009, my husband some blood in his urine. Although he did not feel any discomfort or pain I decided to rush him to the hospital for a check up. I was really frantic about his condition, considering that it involved blood I thought it was something serious. After a series of tests, the result came back negative. I could not believe why it was negative because the sample of urine used for testing had a mixture of blood. How could this be possible? In February 2010, four months later, he noticed blood in his urine again. We decided to consult a different doctor and after a series of tests, the CT Scan showed he had a damaged kidney. His right kidney was surrounded with tumors, and surgery was the only option. So we proceeded with the operations and thank God it was successful.

On March 3, 2010, the doctor showed us the biopsy results which showed no cancer. God truly answered our prayers. Then in November 2010, my husband said he wanted to have his eyes checked because he was experiencing poor vision. He went through a number of tests and diagnosed with metastatic renal cancer in the fourth stage. Tumors were already scattered to his chest and lungs, another big tumor was found at the back of his eyeball (pushing his eyeballs out). The doctor said he had three to six months, the maximum one year to live.

Despite the terrifying results, we remained positive. ORAL CHEMO was the only option. The treatment cost was about P5,000 for each pill and had to be taken twice daily, whereby the total cost was P300,000 a month. Then one day while on our way back from visiting my sister-in-law when we remembered Intra. We made many attempts to find and buy Intra and failed because we had lost touch with the company. However, we got hold of GMD Mila Doydoy and we were able to purchase Intra and Nutria.

Once we got home my husband started drinking Intra and Nutria, and within five days we noticed great improvements to his skin, his breathing and his left eye went back to its normal size. God truly answer prayers! However he still had to take oral chemo pills which made him very sick but he continued taking large doses of Intra and Nutria and continued to improve and get better.

Prayer and faith in our Lord Almighty, together with my husband’s belief in Lifestyles products was his only weapon to fight this disease. God is truly present as long as you believe and hold on to Him. Our mission going forward in Lifestyles is to share the products with all our friends and our friend’s friends.

To our dear readers, please pause and listen to your body, because “we only have one body which is a precious gift given to us by our Almighty Father and we must take good care of it.” Remember; “Prevention is better than cure”. So stay healthy in this unhealthy world that we live in.... and drink Intra and share Intra everyday!

Eva Paulo

I am Merlyn Borres Dingding, before I joined Lifestyles, I was employed as a cashier at an insurance company in Davao City for 15 years. My co-workers all smoked inside the office. In 1993 I experienced severe coughing and had difficulty breathing. The doctor told me that I was suffering from an asthma attack. At first I did not believe the doctor and requested a second opinion but the result was the same. I was surprised because I was 24 old and never had asthma. The doctor explained to me that I got asthma through passive smoking. I got married, and had two sons who also suffered from asthma from the day they were born, especially my youngest one who we frequently had to rush to the hospital, so we bought him a nebulizer machine.

In 2005 Intra was introduced to us by a family friend. We took it seriously, and my sons and I never suffered an asthma attacks again. My husband also suffered from Gout Arthritis for years and was pleased it was addressed with Intra, but the greatest challenge we faced was when my mother-in-law was diagnosed with stage three Colon Cancer in September 2007. She was advised by her doctor to undergo six sessions of chemo therapy or else her cancer will spread all over her body in two months time. My mother-in-law was already 74 years old, so the family decided to use Lifestyles products. She took one ounce of Intra every four hours and six capsules of Nutria every day. After five months, we subjected her to a laboratory test to check whether the cancer had spread to her internal organs. When the doctor read the result he requested that my mother-in-law do another test at a different laboratory clinic or hospital. When the test result came back it was the same as before, the doctor declared that the Colon Cancer was negative. By Gods grace my mother-in-law is now 78 years old and still healthy.

My belief in Lifestyles products has extremely increased. It has been six years now and all the members of my family are all healthy and taking lifestyles products everyday including my puppy Roxy.

Merlyn Borres Dingding

Good Morning! My name is Rodney Yost. My wife and I were introduced to Lifestyles Products on February 17, 2012. The benefits of taking the products were very evident right away. A little background information.... In November 2011 I was diagnosed with skin cancer on my back which required immediate surgical attention along with four other areas which also were going to need to be surgically removed (one area was my bottom lip). After my initial surgery which removed the largest area affected on my back I decided to hold off on any further surgery (I do not like to be cut and do not like paying the associated bills.)

Two weeks after we started taking Intra, Nutria and Fiberlife, the additional areas which the doctor had identified as skin cancer and required surgical removal disappeared. The benefits of taking the products continue to manifest with time, my barber thinks I am dying my hair to remove the gray hair. My wife comments that my skin is tightening up and my wrinkles are going away and I have been accused of being no older than 40! This is quite important to me because in two weeks I will turn 50!

In addition to the above noted benefits, my energy has increased. This is important because we have a 1.5 hectares farm with lots of animals and crops that all require a lot of energy to keep up with them since we do not have any helpers. Since we were introduced to the Lifestyles products we have not looked back.

My wife is an Executive Director and I am a Direct Distributor, so far we have clients here in the Philippines, California, Washington, Alaska and the remote island of Diego Garcia. In Closing I have three things to leave with you all: Believe in the products..... Use the products..... Share the products with as many people as you can!

Rodney Yost

My father died when I was 11 years old. It was during that time that I have already experienced working to survive my elementary education. Despite life’s challenges at an early age, I still dreamed big because that’s how my father raised me. He did not let his lack of education hinder him to fulfil his dreams. Our family was financially stable when he was with us. Both my parents were entrepreneurs. At a very young age I learned the value of hard work and earning money. When I was about to graduate high school my mom died. I asked God, why me? Little did I know dad each difficulty made me stronger. At age 23, I tried my luck in traditional retailing business. I rented bazaars in several malls. I regularly went to Hong Kong to buy RTW good and sell them here in Manila. In less than a year, I realized that hard work wasn’t enough to succeed in that industry. I was faced with very high overhead cost: such as rentals, salaries, etc. But the most treasured investment in that 10 year business was losing my time and my health. During peak seasons, I would normally have 8 to 10 bazaars all at one time. Not to mention, I joined both night markets and mall hour exhibits back then. In short, I’d only three to four hours of sleep. Amidst the stress, my health condition got worst. Diabetes, gastroenteritis, arthritis, pharyngitis were among my health problems which caused me to be regularly confined in the hospital. In 2004, my doctor told me I need an operation for goiter and haemorrhoids. I never wanted to undergo surgery so I began praying that God would grant me a miracle without any hospital procedure. In March 2004, God answered my prayer through Intra which was introduced to me by a colleague in the bazaar business. After two days of taking eight ounces of Intra daily I no longer experienced pain from my arthritis. Three months later both my goiter and haemorrhoids were under control. My doctor said I no longer need surgery. I never wanted to pay the retail price for Intra, so after I attended a full presentation the econd time around (the orientation) I immediately signed up and bought three Instant Direct kits, one each for my two brothers who experienced positive results too.
Since I invested my life savings, I had to seriously attend all training sessions in order for me to be knowledgeable about the business. The Lifestyles business became my passion when I was promoted to National Marketing Director. When I experienced two of my down lines buying their first brand new cars and condominiums, I became addicted to the feeling of helping others fulfil their dreams, in the same manner that I fulfilled my dreams, I can never forget what my mentor GMD Peng Mendoza told me when I thanked during my NMD promotion. She said, “You found people who wanted to fulfil their dreams because you fulfilled yours first”. I had already bought two brand new cars; my first an SUV, and a brand new Ford Escape 2011 automatic all wheel drive. I also own real estate investments and was able to build a two storey small building from which I have seven studio units for rental. I also invested in a prime two bedroom condo unit at Tivoli Gardens residence in Mandaluyong City. I was promoted to Global Marketing Director in 2012, To date, I have eight down lines buying their first brand new cars. I get a feeling of “high”every time I see ordinary people achieve their dreams through the Lifestyles opportunity. I believe that God Almighty assigned me this mission to help people achieve their dreams and my dreams as well. “When you want something bad enough, the universe will conspire for you to get it.” Paolo Coehlo “Therefore, I tell you, whatever you ask in prayer, believe that you receive it, and it shall be done to you.”Mark 11:24

Angie Liwanag

I am a Human Resource Officer by professional and had been in practice for 5 years having been connected with various manufacturing and pharmaceutical companies.

Since birth, I had been suffering from Skin Asthma. During my college days and while working part-time, every time there were changes in the weather, I was apprehensive since I knew that this will trigger my Skin Asthma. I was advised to seek medical treatment. I ended up consulting five Dermatologists from different hospitals. Unfortunately, I was informed that my Skin Asthma was due to stress from my studies and work, and that it was incurable and will last for a lifetime.

A blessing came to me when I was introduced to Lifestyles by my friend, IMD Reymil Doydoy last March 2008. I attended a product presentation and immediately purchased nine bottles of Intra for our consumption.

I initially tried the product for three consecutive months. However, my Skin Asthma re-appeared on my feet and I could not walk because of severe pain. I was scared but was informed to continue using the product since it is helping I my detoxification. I then too Intra and Nutria in massive doses consuming one bottle of Intra liquid for only three days, and 6 capsules of Nutria daily. After three weeks, my Skin Asthma disappeared with no scars and my sin is back to normal with no visible sign of my previous skin affliction. I would like to thank our God that He used Lifestyles products as an instrument for me to Live Better Every day!

Jenelyn Baguio

Before Lifestyles, I was a sickly and unhealthy person. When I was 2 years old, I had a high fever which the doctor said lead to meningitis. Fortunately, this did not affect my mental function, but I have experienced malfunction at the nerve of the left portion of my face.

It distorted my face looking like it was constantly in a grimace. I also suffered severe migraine to the extent that I regularly took Valium to alleviate the pain. Like most women, I also experienced irregular menstruation.

Whenever I had my menstruation, I had absent myself from work 2-3days because of the severity of the pain. Sometimes, I even became unconscious because of the agony of the pain. Also at night, I could not sleep because of insomnia. My mind and body needed rest which I could not get on a regular basis. I had difficult functioning normally on a day to a basis.

When I started taking Intra, I noticed that my migraine attacks became less and less, and eventually disappeared. To this day, I have never experienced another migraine attack after taking Intra. At the same time, my menstruation became regular and I no longer suffer from dysmenorrheal. At night, I am now able to sleep soundly and I no longer suffer from insomnia. Best of all, the distortion on my left face is now less noticeable. As a person who benefited from Intra, I give my heartfelt gratitude to the Lord in bringing this supplement in this world. Today, after 6 years of enjoyably, drinking Intra, and 5 years of sharing the business opportunity to the people that I meet, this is now my calling and in my passion in life.

So if someone out there is interested, I am happy to tell you more about phenomenal product Intra and the business opportunity that goes with it.

Ma. Lourdes Alfonso Adayo